ILLusionist – The Uplift (E.P.) (2013) [asculta-l/descarca-l]

Azi, 11 decembrie 2013, ILLusionist lanseaza EP-ul “The Uplift“. Materialul poate fi ascultat pe youtube sau bandcamp, dar si descarcat de aici sau aici.

ILLusionist - The Uplift E.P. 2013


01. Don’t You Doubt Me (feat. Nieve & Dj Nasa)
02. Fresh Rhymes (feat. The 49ers & Awon)
03. Tomorrow Not Guaranteed (feat. windchILL & Dj Nasa)
04. Easy Does It (feat. Tiff The Gift)
05. I Need You (feat. Noah King)
06. Assassin’s Creed (feat. Awon)
07. Devil’s Shoulder (feat. KRBL Rebel Radio)

ILLusionist - The Uplift E.P


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